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Chaos Out, Focus in!

At PilotBeri, we build easy to use, to the point, essential business applications that keep the chaos of complexity out and the focus in.


Having too many features can be overwhelming. That is why our lightweight apps focus only on your essential needs.

Lift Off

Profitability, Productivity & Predictability are CEO's wings of success. Our apps are built to serve this purpose.

Budget Buddy

Bring your ships safe across economic waves with a light-house of a controlled budget enabled by PilotBeri value.

Customer Choice

Strategy to Operations, a wide variety to choose from. A la carte or buffet - at PilotBeri, it's always your choice.

At PilotBeri our vision is to build a suite of business applications that would help your business become ever more successful from strategy to operations. is the wholly owned brand and product of Amaravel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (India). PilotBeri represents the primary offering of Amaravel which helps our customers drive their business using essential and effective tools that we provide via the PilotBeri Business App Suite. We build business essentials that raise impact. Our focus is to have lightweight applications that are easy on the budget constraints of our customers.