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Plan, Progress and Complete with TaskBeri

Reliable planning and execution drives successful projects. TaskBeri is an effective way to plan projects, monitor related tasks and ensure on time delivery.

Simplify Planning

Create projects and add tasks that help your team focus.

Increase Alignment

Align cross functional teams to work on projects collaboratively.

Improve Ownership

Co create tasks in agreement to drive accountability.

Gather Insights

Track tasks and project scores to ensure delivery.

Alignment For The Win!

Your team wants to contribute to the company's win! Enable them now, by aligining their tasks with the company's goals. TaskBeri helps you drive Task Management and Goal Management side by side.

Define and Manage Objectives

Objectives capture what you want to accomplish (an ambitious goal) in a qualitative sense. Example: Improve the Customer Experience.

Assign and Track Key Results

Key Results capture/measure what you hope to accomplish in a quantifiable sense. Example: 10% increase in our Net Promoter Score by the end of the quarter

Initiate Projects to Activate Key Results

Projects are vehicles to capture and define actions to achieve key results in a simple, structured and elegant manner.

Define Actions that Yield Results with Tasks

Tasks are essential means to assign responsibility and accountability of actions within an organization. They drive the success of organizational goals and objectives.

Monitor and Measure with Metrics Dashboard

Relevant metrics are captured via a simple and effective dashboard which helps you check and correct your organization's progress towards its goals.

Easy Planning, Focused Execution

TaskBeri is built to make project management easier. It includes the most essential features that's needed to plan and deliver a project on time.
Project Management
Task Management
Task Scheduling
Task Burndown
Score Tracker
Task Views
Team Management

A Sneak Peek

Let's have a quick tour of TaskBeri

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At PilotBeri our vision is to build a suite of business applications that would help your business become ever more successful from strategy to operations.