Capture, Nurture and Convert with CRMBeri

Enhance customer engagement, streamline sales processes, and gain valuable insights to make informed decisions with CRMBeri.Unlock the power of customer data to drive business success.

Streamline Sales

Simplify the sales process to focus on closing deals

Enhance Performance

Identify areas of improvement and drive growth

Elevate Engagement

Leverage customer data for personalized interactions

Simplify Management

Track prospects to customers and drive revenue.

Boost Sales Service!

Your sales team wants to excel. Enable them now by making it easier to track and manage opportunities. CRMBeri helps your team follow up with prospects from qualification till closure. Happy sales reps means happy customers. Your sales team will love you for this!

Track Opportunities to Make Revenue

Opportunities pave the way for a successful sale by opening doors. Track opportunities and elevate your sales game.

Define and Manage Objectives

Objectives capture what you want to accomplish (an ambitious goal) in a qualitative sense. Example: Improve the Customer Experience.

Assign and Track Key Results

Key Results capture/measure what you hope to accomplish in a quantifiable sense. Example: 10% increase in our Net Promoter Score by the end of the quarter

Monitor and Measure with Metrics Dashboard

Relevant metrics are captured via a simple and effective dashboard which helps you check and correct your organization's progress towards its goals.

Organize Opportunities. Convert Faster.

CRMBeri is built to make opportunity management easier. It includes the most essential features that's needed to capture, nurture and convert prospects to customers.
Customer Management
Contact Management
Opportunity Management
Opportunity Scheduling
Opportunity Routing
Opportunity Views
Opportunity Staging

A Sneak Peek

Let's have a quick tour of CRMBeri

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At PilotBeri our vision is to build a suite of business applications that would help your business become ever more successful from strategy to operations.